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FAMILY: Second daughter of Moira and Robart Bentaine of Merybourne Manor, Hart’s Run. Younger sister of Angelina, older sister to Leyda, Mari and Katarina (deceased). Niece to Lissabeth and Gregory Greene of Edonarle.


HOME: Merybourne Manor, Hart's Run, Arle 

LANGUAGES: Fluent in Arlean and Low Gnomic

SKILLS: Artist. Trained as an apprentice healer under her Uncle Gregory for several years.

BELIEFS: Adherent of the Fourfold Faith. Devotee of the Odei-Creator and Janna-Provider facets of the Fourfold God.

FAVORITE ARTISTIC MEDIUM: Charcoals on paper or parchment. Always carries a few sticks of charcoal in her pocket just in case.

FAVORITE STORY: "The Lay of Saint Ellia of the Shattered Bow," as sung by Bard Henry Brandon of Merybourne Manor.

WORST HABIT: Eavesdropping

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