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FAMILY: Direct descendant of Edan the Fireborn; youngest child and only daughter of Erran Daired and Isobel Oranna-Daired (both deceased). Sister to Alastair, niece to Lady Catriona of Edan Rose.


HOME: House Pendragon, Dragonsmoor, Arle

SOCIAL STATUS: Rider and companion of the dragon Ah-na-al-Hon-she'an-Mar'esh, He-Whose-Eye-Holds-the-Dawn-Spark.

LANGUAGES: Fluent in Arlean, Eth, Vernish, and Beorspeak. Currently studying the Tekari  languages Low Rhoc and Valk in an effort to better understand her enemies.

FAMILY MOTTO: In Eth: "Tey iskaros." In Arlean: "We serve."

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Dual swords, despite Aunt Catriona's insistence that one is more efficient and two is simply showing off.

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